15 Dec

Just Take it a Day at a Time

th6FSWGKAJI do not know about everyone else but I always have a lot to do. It is like each day just races onto the next. I am left with many unaccomplished responsibilities. That leads to the next, then the next day, then the next. There has to be a way to take care of everything. Of course, I have work, my family, my events, and organizations that I belong to but all of that do not account for all of my time. Should I just give up and let it all go downhill, or maybe hire someone to come and take care of all of my needs. I cannot be the only person in the world dealing this lack of time.

I even tried searching the internet for hours, and then I realized how much time I was wasting on this one task so I stopped. Without any great advice either, it was as if I had spent hours looking at videos of cute cats dancing and playing the piano. Which I did not, I might add.

So now what? I cannot keep continuing this way, I mean I could but nothing will ever be done. I will become irritated and cumbersome to my own self. I cannot live as no one should.

I just remember the last time I went through something like this. I had just graduated from college and about to start my first job in the “real world” and I was planning my wedding.   As well as taking care of my elderly grandmother who at the time was suffering from demit. I was becoming overwhelm, letting my house go to the toilets, and I never seem to have time to cook a healthy meal. Alternatively, clean any clothes. I was always ordering carryout and buying new clothes. Not because I wanted to but I just did not have anything clean to where, buying something new is easier than doing laundry.

Yes, it had gotten that bad. Not to mention I started putting on weight which my wedding and I dress could not afford. I said enough is enough and put an end to that kind of living.

I finally know what I have to do.

First, I have to create some kind of calendar, something that located somewhere that I will always see and is easy to read in a glance. Writing stuff and creating a schedule will allow me to see what I need to do and when. How much time I have for each task. If I stick to it I can optimized every single minute I have throughout the entire day.

Next, it is time to ask for help. I plan to call my younger cousin to see if she will watch our grandmother on the weekends. I just seen an ad for a new house cleaner service, they are offering a discount for new customers this month. Schedule to have someone come clean three times a week. That will save me on having to worry abbot the cleanliness of my home, not to mention cleaning house is not one of my favorite activities. I just do it because I cannot stand a dirty, smelly, unkempt home. My skin is crawling just hinting about it.

Last and not least, give myself some chill time. I have a tendency to be caught up in my snowball of a life. Then I forget to take some time off for myself. That is now a think of the past. I refused to be drove mad over something as trivial as what I have to deal with every day. I will make sure to schedule some me time on my calendar and make sure to keep the date.

I already feel better this coming up with this plan. Now its time to execute.

Here is to a destressed lifestyle!