26 Dec

Prepared for the Worst and Hope for the Best

thN81SJAU3This winter has been no winter at all. I mean most of December was forty five degrees or better. I mean it has been beautiful. I love it. I bought a super warm brand new winter coat. I have only have to use it once! Well, maybe twice.

This winter I expected that I would be something like last winter. Everyone remembers that completely arctic blast thing, right? Even though everyone said that it would be a mild winter, who can believed that after the winters we have had. Who still follows the farmer’s almanac currently?

Last year I was caught with my pants down a bit. I was snuggled up in my house unable to leave because the roads and well let us be honest, everything was covered in ice. At least seven inches thick. My city has required that everyone stay indoors and not used the roads for safety reasons. That it was too dangerous for anyone to drive, so anyone caught driving was issued a ticket. Yes, the police were giving out tickets for driving! Not speeding, drinking and driving, or running a red light, but simply driving at all. No matter how safe a person thought he or she was driving, there was to be no driving at all.

That is not the part that caused me great dismay. I mean I was not planning to drive anyway, it was too dangerous. There I was at home snuggled up on my couch, in my flannel pajamas, having a movie fest. When I started to smell something reminiscent of gas. At first, I thought I might have been hallucinating. When I really realized that I had indeed was sell gas, I check my stove.   If you just nicked the knob, a little the gas will start. No flame of course but my home would be filled with gas. However, it was not that.

There I was confused, well what else could it be? The only other thing that I could think of being gas facilitated. Nevertheless, that cannot be it, I thought to myself, because I have a trusty furnace. At least that what I was told when I bought the house a few years ago. That I should last me years to come. That is why I never bother to have it checked. The previous owner had seem so trustworthy.

Anyway, I went into my basement to check if I still smelled gas. You know what? I did. Coming from the furnace! I cannot believe this is happening, during the coldest winter in years! Literally years! That means I have to turn this dangone thing off, and call to have it checked by a technician. I can imagine how busy they will be this time year. All these furnaces running over time trying to compensate for the bitter cold outside.

Luckily, I had a few electric heaters and I picked up a few from my parents’ house. I was able to get a technician not come out doing that same week. For the time being I just wore layers and enjoyed the heat of my electric blanket and heaters.

The technician told me that I needed to replace the furnace. My furnace was a great brand but it was also very, very old. Eventually I would have had to replace it. The HVAC technician then offer me a great furnace package, with a warranty and five years of furnace checkups.

Before this winter, I had my furnace serviced and cleaned. Refusing to be put in that very same situation as last year. Well, I was greatly prepared…for nothing.