Najiah Camara

026There are so many things I can say about myself, so much that I can share.  The stories, the experiences, the moments.  A lifetime of beautiful moments.

Like the time I went on a safari in the African planes.  And I saw a giraffe helping a baby hippo cross a river valley.  I remember a few years I travel to Australia to watch the kangaroos fights.  It was a so amazing.  Or when I climbed the hills of Ireland searching for the best butter and seafood.  That was an adventure and a half.

Yes, so many stories so little time.

My motto in life is to have fun, live your life with no regrets.  Take chances, be kind ot others, and love passionately.  With those three how can a person ever be unhappy, right?  This doesn’t mean you have to travel as I do, you just have to find yore own way, whatever that is.  Like this sight, I started this sight to share my lives adventures and my discoveries.  Doesn’t matter if it is a treasure along the coral reef after a day of snorkeling or a great deal I got when having my car detailed at an unknown location.

I love to go off the beaten path and see what is there, what treasures waiting to be unturned.   More likely than not it has always been something positive, something great, something worth remembering.  And sharing with everyone and anyone willing to listen and read my words.

Something a bit more personal, I am married to a boy I saw helping a kitten out of a tree when I was eight years old.  As soon as I saw him I fell in love, and knew that he would be my husband.  We have been married for eleven years now.  Each year seems to be better than the last.  We have three kids together and are expecting a fourth.  I am lucky to have found, loved, and marry a man that feels as I do about life.  And has no issue in living as such.